A passionate team of scientists at Biovion with experience in the field of bioconversion and organic
nutrient knowhow are working with a vision of environmental protection, soil regeneration and production of bio-organics.

Production technology at Biovian has been developed and patented to produce super grade enriched
organic soil nutrients and ecolizers.

The Biovian PSO6 products have been certified as organic by both the USDA-Organic and EU-Lancon
authorities. The products are special & unique, since they are anaerobically bio-processed and
aerobically stabilized to provide all essential nutrients for plant growth and high yields, besides
rejuvenating and enriching the soil ecosystem.

Kitchen Garden Pack

PSO6 kitchen garden packs, available in packings of 1 Kg. is the ultimate humus-rich organic plant food for home & kitchen gardens. It contains essential nutrients like N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S and traces of micronutrients along with beneficial microbes (Azosprillium , Phosphobacteria, T. viridie, Pseudomonas) which help in better root development, plant growth & yield. More...


Organic Equalizer

Organic Liquids

Organic Bio Equalizer

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